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Our leadership team at QSR Franchise Development Group is the driving force behind your franchising success. With extensive experience and a passion for innovation, they embody the expertise to lead your brand towards new horizons of achievement.

Our Team

Steven Gardner

With over three decades of expertise in Franchise Sales,
Development, Brokerage, and Real Estate, Steven Gardner has been instrumental in the growth of national concepts such as Energy Kitchen, 16 Handles, Fresh & Co., Raining Berries, and Stewart’s All American, among others.


Holding a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from
Boston University, he's frequently quoted in leading Franchise Business and Real Estate publications. Steven's accomplishments include selling Area Developers across major US markets and orchestrating an International Master Development Deal for 150 stores in 5 GCC Countries.


Having directly facilitated over 1000 transactions throughout his career, Steven lends his expertise as an outsourced Franchise
Development Director coordinating significant deals and driving expansion for multiple Regional/National Retail Franchise Brands.

  His specialties span startup development programs, strategic brand consulting, marketing, lead generation, multi-unit sales, creation of financial business plans, projections, and sales presentations for Industry CFO's to investors and private equity companies at The CapX Events with success for multiple clients. Stevens’ track record speaks volumes, establishing him as a trusted advisor and leader in franchising and business development.

Anthony Leone

Anthony brings over 30 years of dedicated experience in Quick Service Restaurants to the table, making it his lifelong passion and expertise. A graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Hospitality Management, he kickstarted his career at Boston Market, swiftly ascending to the youngest District Manager in the company within just a year.


Fueled by a desire for innovation and a fusion of his passions for health, fitness, and QSRs, Anthony ventured to establish Energy Kitchen. Under his leadership, Energy Kitchen burgeoned
into a multi-state corporation, employing over 250 individuals, and expanding its footprint through corporate initiatives, franchising, and non-traditional locations.


Anthony's proficiency spans the entire spectrum of QSR management, encompassing Franchise Development,
Operations, Training, HR, Finance, Marketing, and Construction. With a penchant for nurturing startups, he thrives on implementing strategic systems that propel them towards their maximum potential and sustained growth.

Kim Lucey

Kim Lucey, the visionary founder of Lead Navigators, commands with innovation in franchise marketing, propelling brands to new
heights of growth and visibility. Recognized as a Top Franchise Supplier by Entrepreneur, her agency's strategies exemplify excellence in the franchising sector. With over two decades of experience, Kim is a luminary in lead generation and Ai digital marketing tailored for franchises.


Formerly a VP of two prominent franchise lead generation
firms, Kim's pioneering programs have served over 600 franchisors, providing invaluable insights for success. Her expertise spans comprehensive digital marketing solutions, AI services, advanced SEO tactics, dynamic social media engagement, and effective paid advertising strategies across diverse channels.

  Kim's holistic approach ensures heightened brand visibility and a measurable return on investment, essential for franchisors aiming for substantial growth. Her career is defined by a relentless commitment to excellence and a profound impact on the industry's evolution.

Tami Hillier

Tami boasts over 20 years of experience in franchise sales
and development, having executed hundreds of new deals both domestically and internationally. Specializing in Multi-Unit and Area Development agreements, she has expertly structured and sold deals across various franchise concepts. Over the past 15 years, Tami has honed her expertise in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) resales with EatZ & Associates, consistently achieving annual sales of
$4 million to $5 million.


Her areas of expertise are business valuation, strategic
marketing initiatives tailored to existing units, and the delicate art of negotiation.

  Moreover, Tami's expertise extends beyond the mere execution of deals; she possesses a multifaceted skill set catering to both individual stakeholders and franchisors. Whether navigating the complexities of corporate locations or resale units, Tami ensures that each negotiation is tailored to the unique needs and objectives of her clients. Her dedication and profound understanding of the franchising landscape, renders her an invaluable asset.

Cheryl Hutchinson

With an extensive background in franchise development and operations, Cheryl has become a trusted advisor to businesses looking to expand their footprint through franchising. Cheryl’s journey in the franchise industry began over a decade ago when she recognized the potential for growth in emerging brands.

A key aspect of Cheryl’s work is her proficiency in crafting comprehensive operations manuals tailored to the unique needs of each franchise. In addition to her role in operations, Cheryl excels in assisting brands with development strategies, training, compliance, disclosure document review, franchise marketing and sales.


With diverse industry experience, she provides invaluable expertise. Cheryl believes in the power of collaboration and values the unique identity of each brand she works with. Her consulting style is characterized by a hands-on, personalized approach, fostering strong relationships with her clients. Her commitment extends beyond the initial phases, providing ongoing support to franchise owners, encouraging their continued success.

QSR Franchise Development Group's panel of industry experts has the unique ability to provide an objective evaluation of your company’s goals and customize a franchise development strategy utilizing the best consultants in the industry.

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